Here’s what people are saying about Reported Missing:

  • “An intimate examination of a woman going through a terrible emotional trauma…A fascinating debut.” (A Garden Carried in the Pocket)
  • “Real and raw…packed with emotion and tension.” (Goodreads reviewer)
  • “One of the best books I’ve read in a while….A deeply atmospheric and captivating book.” (Amazon reviewer)
  • “What a difference a day can make…A hard-hitting and powerful story.” (Books from Dusk Till Dawn)
  • “A thought provoking, sensitively written, brilliantly executed story of ordinary people stretched to breaking point.” (Goodreads reviewer)
  • “I stayed up most of the night to read it in one go. Is it full of huge [typically predictable and ludicrous] reversals and surprises? No. Those thrillers are ten a penny. This is something much more satisfying and rarer – a credible, thoughtful, engaging story of an ordinary life that’s turn upside-down and the deeply unsettling feeling it could happen to any of us.” (Amazon reviewer)
  • “Impressive debut novel, and will be intrigued to see what Sarah Wray writes next.” (ShotsMag)
  • “A beautifully written thrilling story.” (Licence2Read)
  • “A  different type of thriller…smart and well thought out. ..solid writing, an interesting premise and an unexpected ending, overall an engrossing read.” (NovelGossip)
  • “The writing is excellent… I felt like going on a bender after finishing this book and I haven’t drank since 1981.” (Amazon reviewer)
  • “A well crafted read and I was amazed it was a debut novel!  It has an intensity to it, beautifully written and something that is totally believable!” (CrimeBookJunkie)
  • “Tense and intriguing!” (Rae Reads)

In the interests of balance, the book has also been described as “gloomy”, “dreary” and “never really goes anywhere”. They could just as well be describing me. You can’t win them all.